On 22nd November 1883, an armed conflict took place in the Kęstaičiai church, which cost many lives. By the order of the Czar of Russia it was decided to close the church, however the local religious community was fiercely resisting the closure. They kept vigil at the church for more than three months, and upon finding out about the arrival of Kaunas governor Nikolai Klingenberg, more than 400 believers awaited him.

When trying to convince the governor to not demolish the church a conflict broke out, a regiment of 300 Cossacks was called out to quell the conflict. They beat and trampled with their horses the people praying in the church. There were many who were killed and many more injured.

In commemoration of this event there were more than 40 crosses raised in Kęstaičiai, remembrance services take place in memory of the victims.