The town of Luokė is mentioned in the historical sources when the Christianisation of Samogitians began, in the order of Samogitian Christianisation and Grand Duke Vytautas Magnus to build eight churches, one of which was built in Luokė. Even though in the six centuries the church was many times repaired and rebuilt, it preserves its folk architectural forms to this day.

In 1413 Samogitians were Christianised, and shortly afterwards, it is thought in 1416, Luokė church was built. The first bishop of Samogitian diocese lived in Luokė. Historical sources have shown, that a few times (in the second half of the 16th century and in 1774) the church was rebuilt. Even though the exact circumstances and dates remain unknown, what was recorded, is that the Samogitian bishop, along with the help of the parishioners, rebuilt the church.

In the 19th century Luokė parish was one of the wealthiest in Samogitia, it had more than 8000 parishioners, and at the beginning of the century the church was repaired one more time, when a wooden chapel was built. On 12th June 1863 priest Justinas Siesickis read the rebel proclamation in Lithuanian and for that he was deported to Siberia.